Monitoring Vessel Operations

Oversee and coordinate vessel arrivals based on vessel schedules prior to the completion of cargo operations at the foreign port. NESA will forward electronic updates and notices to all group members insuring the most up-to-date information.

Monitor Electronic Notice Of Arrival

During the initial communications with the master, NESA will determine the protocol and party responsible for submitting the 96-hour electronic notice of arrival required under U.S.C.G. regulations. Our detailed questionnaire will be forwarded via e-mail or telefax to the master addressing the 96-hour ENOA, as well as all other relative issues as they pertain to the vessel's arrival within U.S. waters.

Pre-Arrival Messages & Notices

Regulatory notification of the vessel's arrival will be forwarded in accordance with government guidelines to the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Customs, Stevedores/Terminal Operators, Tug/Pilot Dispatchers and Cargo Superintendents. During the transit, matters such as freight payments, endorsed original B/L's, cargo clearances, pre-planning of port operations, government boardings and documentation will be addressed.

Update U.S. Coast Guard & Customs

The master and crew will be informed of scheduled inspections or exams. Inspections taking place prior to entering the harbor, or at anchorage, may delay the vessel and in turn delay cargo operations. NESA will monitor and negotiate these schedules on behalf of the vessel owner/charterer. The pre-arrival status of all crew will be established with U.S. Customs and Border Protection well in advance of the vessel's arrival in order to expedite formalities on berthing.

Monitor A.M.S. Cargo Entry

It is mandatory that the A.M.S. cargo entry be submitted 24 hours prior to arrival in U.S. waters. Once the A.M.S. administrator is notified of the cargo, NESA will begin monitoring the progress of the entry. The administrator is provided with updates as they become available. Once the cargo is customs released, NESA will initiate the steamship release, which in turn will be delivered to the terminal operators and stevedores.

Submit Arrivals/Departures to A.M.S.

NESA will submit arrival/departure details to the A.M.S. provider for systems updates.

Collecting Original B/L'S & Freight

Our office will collect the endorsed original Bills of Lading for presentation to the master upon arrival. Freight due will be collected at this time on behalf of the owners — avoiding operational delays.

Husbandry During Port Call

NESA will attend the vessel, supervise operations and accommodate the requests of the master and crew. Our services include, but are not limited to, coordinating government formalities, U.S. Customs entrance and clearance of the vessel, crew and cargo, arranging local pilotage and towing, crew changes, ordering labor and line handling, coordinating launch services, transportation, ships chandler and delivery of cash. Additionally, NESA will monitor fees and expenses, negotiating the most cost effective rates.

Progress Updates — ETC — ETD

Once operations have commenced, NESA will liase with stevedores, port captains and vessel foreman to obtain daily updates. NESA will provide the e-mail group with load/discharge reports, together with remaining quantities, estimated times of completion and departure updates.

Arrival & Departure Notices

At the completion of cargo operations from the foreign port, NESA will approve the receivers with Bill of Lading numbers, quantities loaded and the projected ETA. As a member of the e-mail group, the receivers will also have access to departure details which include completion times, last line ashore, pilot on board and vessel conditions.


NESA provides the following documentation in triplicate — the original notice of readiness, statement of facts, mate's receipts, OS & D reports, sea protests and other pertinent documents concerning the cargo or vessel. All document packages are issued electronically and/or faxed to the appropriate parties upon departure.

Other Areas of Service

  • Project Supervision
  • U.S. Government Representation
  • Coordinating Prompt Pilotage and Towing
  • Monitoring and Negotiating Expenses
  • Launch Services
  • Transportation
  • Chandler Services
  • Inspections
  • Medical Care
  • Supplies
  • Communications
  • Efficient Arrival/Departures
  • Waterway Regulations
  • Labor & Safety Protocols

Our firm is fully bonded, retaining a U.S. Customs Vessel and Aircraft Bond, as well as a U.S. Customs Continuous Importer Bond.