Albany, NY

Max Air Draft 134 Ft.
Max. Loa 750 Ft.
Max Beam 110 Ft.

Max Deep Drafts Fresh Water Alongside
Albany 31 Ft.
Rensselaer 27 Ft
Bethlehem 31 Ft
Coeymans 31 Ft
Catskill 31 Ft Salt Arrival Ambrose Pilot

Hudson River Pilots require daylight navigation in the upper Hudson River, meaning the last 5 hrs on arrivals and the first 5 hrs on departures.

If your vessel arrives/departs with a deep draft of greater the 28 Ft. the docking/undocking will be a tide move

Arrivals — high water slack/beginning of ebb tide
Departures — low water slack/beginning of flood tide
It is aprox. 13.5 hrs transit from Ambrose to Albany

Ballast Restriction — if your vessel intends to discharge ballast in the Hudson River, ballast must be taken or tanks washed in ocean water deeper than 2,000 mtrs and have a salinity of 30 parts per thousand or greater.

New York, NY • Brooklyn, NY • Red Hook, NY

Max Deep Draft Brackish
South Brooklyn 27 Ft
Brooklyn Berths 6-8 32 Ft to 34 Ft
Brooklyn Berth 12 30 Ft to 40 Ft
Red Hook 40 Ft
Howland Hook 37 Ft to 42 Ft

Buffalo, NY • Oswego, NY • Ogdensburg, NY

Great Lake Terminals Fresh Water
26 Ft which is governed by the seaway locks
Also, the Ballast restrictions apply as per Albany (Hudson River)

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