New England Steamship Agents Inc. supervises foreign-flagged cargo vessels for commodity shipping calling 27 U.S. ports. Our customer base, to name a few, includes Siemens Energy Inc., BBC Chartering, Zeamarine, Jumbo Shipping, Big Lift Carriers, MST, BV, Norden A/S, Clipper Shipping, Cosco, Atlantic Bulk, Apalachie, Scott Wood Commodities, Allied Salts and Olendorff. Primary commodities managed include:

  • Heavy Lift
  • Coils
  • Plate
  • Steel Rebar
  • HDM Pipe
  • Gypsum, Mill scale, Slag
  • Bulk Sugar / Bagged Sugar
  • Wood pulp and Lumber
  • Wind Generation Equipment/Accessories
  • Maize
  • Red Summer Wheat


In order to ensure the best interests of your company are represented, nominate New England Steamship Agents Inc. as part of your chartering agreement. Once you have chosen your vessel broker, negotiating terms and conditions of the charter party agreement will commence. It is at this point your company should exercise their option as charterers, to nominate and control the selection of the vessel agent. In addition, instruct the vessel broker to insert New England Steamship Agents Inc. as the agent representative for all subsequent port calls related to your company’s project.


The advantage of NESA being your agent is seamless communication and a single point of contact.

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