Joel Constantino, Managing Director

Joel Constantino - New England Steamship AgentFrom 1985 to 1991 Joel held the position of Export Manager for DHL Worldwide, an international airfreight company. He was instrumental in developing the Heavy-Lift Airfreight Division for DHL locally. Within this realm he was introduced to ocean freight commodities and special projects, an interest he aggressively pursued until partnering with Diane to launch the opening of New England Steamship Agents Inc. in 1991. Joel is credited with the development of the Wind Division for New England Steamship Agents as of 2003, exclusively dedicated to both on-shore and off-shore wind energy projects.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Special Projects, Wind Commodities, Pre-Planning and Supervising Vessel Cargo Operations, U.S. Government Regulatory Guidelines and Formalities, Vessel Agency Representation, Port and Terminal Specifications, Labor Negotiations, Networking, Communications, Documentation and Customer Service

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